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NorthEast Monitoring is a medical electronics company that develops high quality, rugged products to address diagnostic, clinical and research needs in cardiology, respiratory, and pulmonary applications.

NorthEast's DR200/HE
Digital Holter + Event Recorder
Now with Norwegian, Russian and Turkish!

NorthEast's Holter LX Analysis Software
New Version 5.4f
Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible
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The NorthEast DR180 Series
Holter / OxyHolter Recorders:
DR180 series 3CH

DR180 series 12-Lead

DR180 series OxyHolter

DR200/E "Tel-a-heart" Digital Event Recorder
and New Version 2.11
LX Event Software with Remote

NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. implements ISO-13485 Quality Control Standards throughout
design, manufacture, and all service stages. View Quality Certificates.

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