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DR180 series 12-Lead Digital Recorder

The DR180 series recorder in a 12-lead configuration provides a high quality research and clinical evaluation tool. It records 12-lead / 9 channels of data no short-cuts!

Our 12-lead system does not use arithmetically derived or reconstructed data from non-standard Holter lead hook-ups. These short-cut methods may capture accurate data for normal beats, but the picture degrades sharply for virtually all morphologies of interest. The unit can also be used with 5- or 7-lead patient cables for other applications.

The DR180 series recorder in 12-lead can be configured to run in continuous or normal modes of recording, with various options for setting interval times and seconds save per interval.

A number of key features make our recorders the quality and technology leaders in the industry today. Contact NorthEast or read on for more details.

The DR181 is the latest version of the reliable and popular DR180 series. Click here to view DR181 12-Lead Datasheet pdf

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