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Oxi-flex systemDR180 series OxyHolter Recorder

The OxyHolter®, with synchronized sets of cardiac (standard Holter) and pulmonary (saturated O2 levels via pulse oximetry) data, represents a quantum step in your ability to isolate or correlate cardiac and pulmonary issues. OxyHolter® includes a specially designed, proprietary, active-electronics Holter-and-pulse-oximetry cable and an extra 5- or 7-lead cable.

DME’s (in conjunction with an IDTF’s and medical professionals) use OxyHolter® to substantiate or “fine tune” beneficiary’s oxygen requirements. With an accurate tool like OxyHolter®, O2 levels are optimized to determine replenishment schedules. The cost savings derived drop directly to the “bottom line” of a DME provider and quickly provide an ROI for OxyHolter®.

OxyHolter® is designed with the following three goals in mind: ease-of-use for the patient and clinician, accuracy of data and durability of the unit. Large programmable soft-keys, easy-to-read, multi-line LCD and several foreign language options are among the features that distinguish this “tried and true” unit.

OxyHolter® performs as well in a small practice as in a large clinic or full service (scanning) providers. Built-in safeguards insure deployment with sufficient battery levels, high quality lead hook-ups and complete patient ID.

All units are rugged and built to last. They carry the industry’s best warranty of 3 years, along with optional extensions to 5 or more years. Choose the best unit for your application.

A number of key features make these units the quality and technology leader in the industry today. Contact NorthEast or read on for more details.

The DR181 is the latest version of the reliable and popular DR180 series. Click here to view DR181 OxyHolter Datasheet pdf


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