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Contact & About Us

NorthEast Monitoring, Inc.
141 Parker St., Suite 111
Maynard, MA 01754 USA


toll-free USA: 866-346-5837 option 2

phone: [+1] 978-461-3992

fax: [+1] 978-461-5991


NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Mark Hubelbank, for the purpose of developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art Holter monitoring software. In the early years, NorthEast's Holter for Windows® product ran under Windows 3.1® and was used in conjunction with a cassette recorder.

Throughout its existence, NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. has continued to build its reputation as a provider of products that are innovative, cost effective and unmatched in the Holter monitoring industry. For example, in 1995, NorthEast introduced the DR180 digital Holter recorder, designed to work with Holter for Windows®. In 2000, NorthEast introduced its successor the DR180+, and in June of 2011 the evolutionary DR181. In 2007, NorthEast introduced the DR200 series of combined and stand-alone Holter and Event recorders and the LXEvent software.

NorthEast's analysis software followed the same trajectory of innovation. Beginning with the original incarnation of the renowned Holter for Windows®, each release of software has been innovative without leaving existing users behind. The direct descendant and natural extension of Holter for Windows® is Holter LX Analysis, in multiple levels designed to meet the cost and functionality needs of all users. In addition to the new features added to each release, this software supports seven languages, reflecting the important and robust international component of our business, with thousands of units sold and in use worldwide. At NorthEast Monitoring, we're committed to "advancing Holter technology - worldwide".

Mark Hubelbank, Ph.D. is President and co-founder of NorthEast Monitoring, Inc.. Since the early 1970's, Dr. Hubelbank has been involved in the design of ambulatory cardiac monitoring systems.  He has held positions in research, product development, and consulting in the technology-based medical instrumentation industry. His prior positions include Vice President and co-founder of CardioData Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Holter scanners; and Division Director of Mortara Instrument Corporation, where he led the R&D and field service units. Dr. Hubelbank holds an ScD in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering both from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He also holds two current patents in patient monitoring and has four others pending. Dr. Hubelbank is active in the IEEE Association and has been published extensively in industry-leading journals.

Technical Support: Stella Reis
Technical Support: Eric Goodrich

  Phone: [+1] 978-461-3992    Toll Free USA: 866-346-5837   option 1

International Sales and Corporate Marketing: Scott Winick

  Phone: [+1] 978-461-3992    Toll Free USA: 866-346-5837   option 2

Administrative Coordinator: Order Processing, Invoicing and Shipping

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Hardware and Software Testing: Lynn Dischler

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Production Testing: Linda Saengkheune

  Phone: [+1] 978-461-3992    Toll Free USA: 866-346-5837   option 3

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Office Manager: Sherry Steele

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