Keep making memories with the DR400

The DR400  is the smallest and most versatile monitor in the line-up of cardiac monitors from Northeast Monitoring, Inc. Weighing in at just 34 grams or 1.2 ounces, the showerable 1-, 2- or 3-lead “Patch” style recorder solves your remote cardiac monitoring needs. With 14-day Holter and 30-day Event capabilities, this multi-functional recorder uses Bluetooth technology to transmit cardiac events every 20 minutes making ECG transmissions near-real-time.

NorthEast Monitoring DR200/HE 14 day Holter and Event Recorder with green buttons


Holter and Event Recorder


The DR200/HE is the industry’s first combination 14-day Holter plus Event recorder. It can be deployed to a patient in either Holter, Event or Both modes. In Holter, with a single fully charged AA battery and a 500 MB data card, the unit can operate up to 14 days! When the DR200/HE is combined with HE/LX® Analysis and LX® Event software, you have the flexibility to use your capital equipment in the most efficient manner and you’ve increased the probability of capturing elusive cardiac events. It is the best solution for your practice and the best solution for your patient, which is another good combination!

NorthEast Monitoring DR300 Holter monitor and Event Recorder using Bluetooth wireless capabilities


Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless


A number of proprietary features make the Wireless DR300 – Bluetooth–Gateway combination unique. With the DR300 long-term Holter capability, you will not miss a beat, and with “wireless” event you will not “tie up” valuable resources any longer than necessary. Deploy the device in the innovative Both mode – simultaneous Event with  long-term Holter. With “Wireless” turned on, periodically check the events that are sent to your NorthEast Monitoring analysis station. If the results display conclusive symptoms, call in the patient and terminate the study before the full period.