LX® Event

LX® Event Software + DR300 Recorder = Reduced Overhead Costs

The wireless event transmission capability means less time spent on the telephone which reduces employee overhead costs.

The LX Event software offers the most comprehensive and flexible way to handle ECG data from NorthEast Monitoring’s wireless looping event recorders.  The combination of the LX Event application and the NorthEast Monitoring DR300 or DR400 recorder, make this the most reliable and accurate ECG capture platform available on the market today.

The multi-user network environment allows for multiple technicians to review and process reports accurately and timely, resulting in the fastest time to report in the industry.

Multiple Event transmissions are automatically associated with a patient procedure, reducing the incidence of error and creating additional time savings. Automatic event detection, including AFib, combined with auto-trigger filters, allows for more accurate interpretation and processing of the ECG data.

Display capability:
  • Display ECG data as individual events.
  • Sequentially display both channels of a two channel recording.
  • Label recordings made from the NorthEast Monitoring recorders with time, date and event type.
  • Display in a full disclosure in a scale of from 0.25 to 4x normal with from 3.75 to 60 seconds of data per line of the display.
  • Measure PR, QRS, QT, ST, and HR values using cursors which can be positioned on the ECG data.
Recorder capability:
  • Data from NorthEast Monitoring DR200/HE & DR300 recorders can be displayed with all time, date and event labels.
Maximum recording length:
  • Recorder limited
Data transmission methods:
  • SD card from NorthEast Monitoring Recorders
  • Remote transmission via LX Remote web-site
  • Wirelessly using the DR300 Wireless feature

With the LX Event Software, you can receive data three ways: Mobile Cardiac Telemetry when using the DR300 with the Bluetooth Gateway, SD Card file from either a DR200/HE or DR300, or through the LX Remote on-line software.

Unlimited patient storage, measuring and reporting of strips, and Event or Procedure level reporting allow you to easily manage and report on multiple patients at a time.

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